All Volunteers, Life Members, supporters and friends are invited to the 65th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Friends of the Hospital of St. Cross at which we will launch an appeal to celebrate 65 years of making a difference for patients attending the Hospital or the Community Service in Rugby.


The meeting will be held on-line on Wednesday 30th SEPTEMBER commencing at 6.30pm and will be hosted on Zoom which is an internet service that is free to use for individuals.

Volunteers, Supporters and Friends are asked to register in advance of the meeting by clicking on this link.

The formal notice of the AGM is set out below and we look forward to welcoming our Guest Speakers: 


The Worshipful Mayor of Rugby - Cllr Bill Lewis


Dr Beth Harrison is a Consultant Haematologist and Clinical Head of Service within the Medicine Group at the UHCW Trust. Oncology and Haematology services fall within her remit.


Sam Neale is the Chemotherapy Services Manager and Lead Chemotherapy Nurse at the UHCW Trust

We look forward to as many as people as possible joining us at the AGM and at other events throughout the coming 12 months.


The Formal Notice of the meeting and the Agenda for the meeting is

The 65th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Friends of the Hospital of St. Cross will be held on-line on Wednesday 30th September 2020 


  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Approval of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 26th June 2019
  4. Any matters arising from these minutes
  5. Guest Speaker - The Worshipful Mayor of Rugby – Cllr. Bill Lewis
  6. Chairman’s report for 2019 including an update on the Rugby PPE Response
  7. Financial Report for 2019 
  8. Vote of Thanks from Dame Stella Manzie OBE, Chair of the UHCW Trust Board
  9. Election of President (as nominated below)
  10. Election of Vice Presidents (as nominated below)
  11. Election of Trustee Board (as nominated below)
  12. Guest Speakers: Beth Harrison and Sam Neale who are leading clinicians engaged in the project to bring advanced Haematology and Chemotherapy services to St Cross
  13. Presentation of Awards
  14. Launch of the 65th Anniversary Appeal
  15. Any Other Business

Please click here to see the full Annual Report or here to see the Gift List for 2019

Please note that only Volunteers and Life Members are eligible to vote 

Nomination for the role of President of the Charity

Miss Kathryn Lawrence


Nomination for the role of Vice-Presidents of the Charity

Cllr Bill Lewis Mr Tony Cousins Mrs Doris Froggatt Mrs Chrysanda Gilbert Mr Mike Rigby


Nominations for TRUSTEE of THE FRIENDS OF THE HOSPITAL OF ST. CROSS and their proposed roles

Mrs Elizabeth Burnett

Tea Bar Co-ordinator


Mr Willy Goldschmidt

Chairperson and Communications Lead


Mr Douglas Jones

Vice Chairperson and Governance Lead


Miss Kathryn Lawrence

Public Fundraising Co-ordination Chairperson


Mrs Tracey Lennard

Social Fundraising Team Chairperson


Mr Michael Rigby

Volunteer Service Co-ordinator


Mr David Roberts



Mr Ramesh Srivastava

Community Liaison Lead


Mr Stephen Walshaw

Purchasing Lead


Mrs June Witcomb

Secretary and Roadshow Co-ordinator