As mentioned above it is crucial that you inform potential supporters about how much of the money you finally raise will be given to the Charity. 


If you plan to take the costs of organising the event from the money raised before making a donation or if you are giving a percentage of the total money raised you should keep a record of the income and expenditure (with receipts).  You must not pay a salary to anyone involved in the fundraising from the income raised.

There are a number of ways in which you can organise to collect and pay us the money that you raise for us.

On-line Fundraising

One of the most popular ways to collect sponsorship is to set up an ‘Online Fundraising Page’ and then send a link to your fundraising page via email and social media to everyone you know and ask your friends to share it with their friends as well. 

The Charity’s preferred fundraising website is Mydonate which is operated by BT. Click here to register and then choose one of the options on the Start Fundraising page - most likely 'Create my challenge'. Make sure you select The Friends of the Hospital of St. Cross as the charity you are supporting. You can then add a photo and mention the reason you are supporting the Charity.  

However, if you are taking part in an event organised by the UHCW Charity then it is essential that you only use the sponsorship forms and on-line donation services that they are using for the event. Provided you make it clear in your registration and fundraising page that you are taking part to support of The Friends of St Cross, you can be assured that the funds you raise will come to us.

Sponsorship Forms 

Once you have registered you intention to raise funds for the Charity you can request an official sponsorship form.   The forms carry the information that is legally required and are set out in a way that encourages people to support you and to increase the value of their donation through Gift Aid if they are a tax payer.

Donation Envelopes 

We can provide you with donation envelopes to distribute to family and friends. This gives people all the details they need to make a donation, and enables us to thank them for the gift they make towards your fundraising. 

If they choose to they can increase the value of their donation through Gift Aid, at no extra cost to them - helping you to raise even more so we can care for more people.

To request some envelopes contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by phone on 01788 663754 or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

When and how to give us the money you have raised 

The money you raise should be paid to the Charity as soon as possible after the event has been held and certainly no later than 4 weeks after the conclusion of the fundraising event or activity.

If your event is of a continuing nature, such as a monthly event, you must let us know when each event will take place and keep separate records for each event and agree with us when you will notify of us of the monies raised and when you will make payments.

If you have set up a Fundraising page then your sponsors will pay their donation directly from their credit or debit card. This means you do not have to collect the money in and we receive monthly payments from the company providing the on-line facility.

You can send the money you have raised to us, by post.  If you do then please do not send cash through the post

Cheques should be made payable to The Friends of St. Cross and should be posted to

The Friends of the Hospital of St. Cross, Brookfield House, Hospital of St Cross, Barby Road, Rugby CV22 5PX.

Please include a note about how the money was raised together with any sponsorship forms or donation envelopes which we will need for our records and to enable us to collect any Gift Aid from HMRC

If you would prefer to pay us in person then you can call in to the Friends Office which is situated in the Octapus Centre at the start of the North Road on the hospital site.  The office is open Monday to Friday 9 – 4.30pm.  The receptionist will be able to provide you with a receipt for any monies donated.