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The Gift List for 2020 is set out in this table - click on the links to find out more

Gift list for 2020
Ward/department Item Cost £
District nursing team 5 syringe pumps and lock boxes          5,445
Ash ward Over bed tables          4,767
Rugby PPE project Materials and other project costs/expenses          2,805
Physiotherapy garden Landscaping works          2,720
Community Cardiac services Mobile cardiograph machine          1,911
Cardiac services Cardiac rehabilitation manuals          1,560
Rugby Hospital Radio Annual donation          1,000
Mulberry & Cedar wards Dementia wall clocks and bedside lights             785
Community Physiotherapy Microstimulator             623
Outpatients Folding screen             570
Mulberry ward Sit to stand aid             500
Community Childrens' physiotherapy Toys and play equipment             486
Mulberry ward Various items for patient assistance/support             382
Mulberry ward Refrigerator             155
Urgent treatment centre TV wall bracket and TV installation             230
Multi faith prayer room Floor carpet tiles & fitting             122
Ash dialysis unit Bingo prizes             100
Distribution department Refrigerator for staff                85
Cedar ward 2 radio/CD players                60
  Total       24,306