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The Gift List for 2018 is set out in this table - click on the links to find out more

Item Ward/department Cost
Hysteroscopy & related equipment Gynaecology 82,288.66
Fit out and equip new unit Sleep Studies Unit 80,132.21
Completion of project started in 1007 Paediatric Outpatients Unit 18,611.50
  Other gifts  
Bariatric treatment equipment Bariatric Treatment Service 12,953.91
Non-invasive treatment equipment Hip Preservation Service 11,518.65
Fall mats All wards 5,319.60
Furniture Urgent Care Centre 4,889.88
Free-standing fans All wards 3,499.90
Staff lockers All wards 3,301.20
Staff costs - Rugby Art Gallery All wards - Good Times Project 1,200.00
High capacity chair Nutrition and Diabetes Service 1,032.00
Annual donation Rugby Hospital Radio 1,000.00
Dermatoscope Dermatology 841.20
Microstimulator Stroke Physiotherapy 570.00
Christmas trees and decorations, etc All wards 509.76
Trolley & trays Dermatology 505.26
Freezer Macular Unit 424.77
Bingo prizes Ash ward 285.02
Fridge Hoskyn ward 279.00
Art & craft materials All wards 247.19
High back chairs for help desk Day Surgery 194.40
2 stools for tea bar staff Tea bar 159.98
Stacking armchairs for waiting area Day Surgery 156.80
Decorating rooms Octapus Centre 136.41
DVD player Mulberry ward 119.98
Hair care equipment Hoskyn ward 54.98
Float for teas Mulberry and Oak wards 50.00
  Total 230,282.26